Sarah Gonzales Art + Activism Building Our Future Shared Knowledge

Sarah Gonzales

Sarah Gonzales, Founder of TruthSarita Consulting, LLC has been a social justice activist and educator for over 15 years.

Art + Activism

Art is a powerful tool to process, understand and create solutions

Building Our Future

Creating visions and pathways to futures we want for our communities

Shared Knowledge

Coming together in ways that enable the community to educate each other

Speak Your Truth.


What is the topic or issue? How do different communities define and perceive it? Build the common ground through education.


Who does this topic or issue impact? What are their stories? Build relationships and continue to humanize through connection.


What can individuals do to address this topic or issue? What can entire communities do? Build new visions and futures through action.

Client List/Testimonials

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11th Sep 2013

eSociety Students at the University of Arizona host speaker J. Sarah Gonzales

Online Community Building Beyond Clicks and Likes J. Sarah Gonzales presented to a packed audience at the UA’s eSociety program.  She shared ideas, tools and curriculum she uses to build...

11th Oct 2012

At Tucson’s Heart: Sarah featured in the Tucson Weekly

At Tucson’s Heart: Meet six members of the LGBT community who make Southern Arizona a better place to live for all “I wish there was more being done for the...

27th Sep 2012

EON LGBTQ Youth Leadership Retreat

At the EON LGBTQ Youth Leadership Retreat, Sarah served as a camp facilitator and led a workshop on the school to prison pipeline.  The youth were from across the state...

04th Sep 2012

How to Kill Yourself and Others in America: A Remembrance

An incredibly moving and intense article about the costs of racism in the United States.